Place the money in the duffle bag and leave it by that phone booth downtown at 10am sharp. Then take out all the money and leave the bag because, frankly, the bag’s all I really need.

Need food, clothing or medical supplies? Well, sorry. I don't have any of that here. In fact, nothing here is actually essential to human survival, but you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. I understand. If you would, however, like to buy the print version of Kanis Majoris or some other Kanis Majoris merchandise, then this is the place for you. Anything you order will definitely help the magazine grow and I sincerely appreciate it. Now, please excuse me while I make this announcement for a cleanup on aisle 782.

Kanis Majoris magazine front cover

Kanis Majoris No. 1 — Print

Get the print version of the first issue of Kanis Majoris, which has a lot more than the web version. I swear.

If you're in Indonesia, and you'd like to buy one, just hit the button below to get redirected to Tokopedia.

If you're anywhere else in the world, click the other button to go to Pics and Ink, a UK-based site where Kanis Majoris is available to order.

Tokopedia (Indonesia)Pics and Ink (rest of the world)
Kanis Majoris mug and other merchandise on Society6.

Mugs, wall art and more

Seeing as this online store — if it can even be called as such — doesn't have a checkout facility (yet), Kanis Majoris merchandise is available from Society6. By clicking the button below you agree to be taken to Society6 and you confirm that you will definitely buy something. (Just kidding. The button's only for teleporting you to the art store, nothing else.)

Kanis Majoris on Society6